Monday, September 20, 2010

Project Planning - We do that, really?

Business Growth, more often than not requires investment.  The objective is to invest some of our limited capital, creating a method to save or earn cash to repay the investment and earn enough income to pay back the investment and generate additional profits.  Capitalism, wise investment of capital creates profitablity, for good risk takers.

Yep, we all know that. 

Now for the next level of detail.  How many ideas get abandoned because we cannot generate the necessary return on invested capital?  How many ideas get approved and in the end do not generate the expected return on invested capital?  How much more profit could we make if we were to reduce the capital investment needed?  Now that is an interesting list of questions.

Bottom line, most capital projects (more than 75%) fail to meet advertized objectives.  Business leaders, financiers, and bankers know this.  That is why these experienced people are so unwilling to make capital project investments, that is, unless the margins are absolutely exceptional.  High risk business propositions almost never get authorized, slowing real progress to a snail's pace.

Thankfully, there is a way to reduce the risk associated with capital projects.  By combining team concepts with LEAN problem solving and a variety of adult learning tools, teams can drastically reduce project schedules and costs.  Most significantly, project risks are reduced making the proposed business financials almost certain, and keeping managment distractions to a minimum.  Essentially, transforming bad business opportunities into good business opportunities and greater returns.

The work process is named WOW!  The process belongs to The Knight Group, but the results are all yours.  After approximately 60 projects:  Schedules are reduced by 50%  (more sales),  Costs are reduced by 25%  (better margins),  Risks are reduced by 90%  (more certainty).

WOW! is like a dress rehersal for a major investment.  If a dress rehersal is good for a high school play, why not do something even better for a "bet your business" project?  It has always been done it that way, and it has gotten us to exactly where we are now.  If we want something different, we have to DO something different.  Very simply, contact The Knight Group for details.  920-968-5333






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Monday, September 13, 2010

Why The Knight Group?

What makes us different is our engineering ability. You cannot afford an engineer if you already have a business advisor but you can afford a business advisor is an engineer. You get the talent you need at the price your business can afford.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the October Show

We are busy creating new products that make it even easier to connect with The Knight Group.  We will at Fox River Mall on the weekend of October 22-24 ready to show the world.

Stop by the mall and see us at the Business Expo and say that you saw this post.  We will enter your name in the “Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner Contest.”

Chicken Dinner for TWO at Kim’s Restaurant in Combined Locks, it is delicious! 

Until then stop by and see our new website layout.

As with any website it always under construction.  Comments most helpful and absolutely welcome!

Best Wishes!

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